Getting your message across

Eamon Delaney also operates as a communications consultant and media trainer. He has a lifetime of experience across all media, as well as a unique and extensive experience of working on public policy, overseas representation and ‘fronting’ for the Government and State.

This combination, along with a skill for what works in terms of fluency and articulation, gives Eamon a special and particular appreciation of how to deliver a message to the modern public – be it from a business, Government or individual.

Eamon believes that each person works to their own strengths in terms of communication and getting a message across. He believes in working directly with the client, to create a specially tailored model that leaves an indelible and positive effect on an audience.

The economy is improving and business is picking up again. If the situation continues to improve and, if Ireland retains its competitive and positive edge, then there are great possibilities for entrepreneurs, investors and public policy planners alike. But communications and media are rapidly changing. We now have multifaceted news and communications cycles with ever changing websites, outlets and video footage. Every business needs to learn how to maximise their potential across such different media.

There are fantastic opportunities. But to avail of them, you need to be able to speak clearly and effectively, anticipate awkward questions and make your message humorous and colourful, as well as persuasive. Personal presentation and articulation has never been so important.

Eamon Delaney on TV3's Tonight with Vincent Brown

Eamon Delaney on TV3’s Tonight with Vincent Browne show


But it is not ‘rocket science’, and communications specialists often make their clients needlessly nervous by exaggerating the alleged pitfalls and stressing the ‘make or break’ moments on media. Actually, media is a fluid and unending world, and most of us get a few bites of the cherry.

The client should feel natural and confident in delivering their important message. Practise and engagement quickly dissipates any nervousness and a growing sense of confidence removes it altogether. The same qualities which apply to media outings also apply to the wider realm of public speaking, such as with speeches, press conferences, boardroom presentations and even your regular sales pitch.

Many of the same qualities, and other ones, also apply to print interviews, and the ability to give good quotes and plausible reasoning to the print journalist. And both disciplines, written presentation and oral delivery, combine in the realm of speech writing, about which Eamon has extensive experience and can offer unrivalled advice and creativity.

In summary, Eamon can provide advice and training in the following areas:

Preparation for TV and/or radio interviews

Preparation for print/online interviews

Crisis management and crisis anticipation

Public speaking engagements/speechwriting

Assisting on publicity campaigns and developing strategy

Eamon is willing to discuss projects or ideas in all of these areas, and on any others. Fees are negotiable. He is available via and on 087 946 5974.