Debating with Richard Boyd Barrett TD on RTE’s Prime Time (9 April 2013) about the bank’s spending guidelines in the event of personal debt re-scheduling

I argued the guidelines were reasonable, and wrote why in the Irish Independent:


However, now we are in danger of creating a new sense of unfairness, one which is possibly more destructive and pits neighbour against neighbour. And that is that some will be given a let off on their personal mortgage and yet retain a standard of living that those still paying can only dream of. The new bank guidelines for permitted spending by those people who will get the let off, or debt rescheduling, seem more than fair. 

Again, debating with Richard Boyd Barrett. This time, over the property tax on Tonight with Vincent Browne, TV3 (31 October 2012). I said the property tax was regrettable and unfair but there were bigger issues to protest about