Government-appointed Senators inspire no confidence in frivolous second chamberImage

Two years ago, I wrote in defence of the Seanad, on the basis of its talents and its relatively low cost. But things have changed. The public want political reform, any savings and less indulgence. And the antics of these Independents, voting against the Government seemingly just to flex their muscles (and yet almost derailing the whole Budget), does nothing to convince us of the Seanad’s stability.

And I don’t buy the late flowering support for the chamber from the likes of Michael McDowell, which could be unfairly construed as a desire to get in there himself and resume his political career.

But Mr McDowell doesn’t need an extra constitutional assembly to offer his valuable views to. And nor does anyone else. Mr Kenny is right. The public want structural political change, and abolishing the Seanad would be a start.