Our bail laws make a farce out of the criminal justice system ImageSheila Guy (above), whose son Jonathan (inset) was killed by Stephen Kelly (under coat), applauded the comments of Mr Justice Carney in 2008 who said people could be excused for believing judges handed out sentences under the ‘shadow of the Appeal Court’


‘Offenders out on bail have, over the past five years, killed a further 42 victims and raped a further 115 people. Bailed offenders also made an incredible 4,199 threats to murder, assault and harass, and committed almost 10,000 burglaries over the years 2007 to 2011. We thus have killers walking around thinking, ‘sure, I’m going down anyway, I may as well commit a few more crimes’. And worse still, the judges grant bail, even when the gardai have appealed for them not to.

It is an utter farce – and a further endurance for families whose attacker had already killed someone else, and yet was allowed out on bail. So, of course we need an improvement in prison conditions and an avoidance of locking up people for minor offences, but we also need a major reappraisal of how we treat serious crime.’

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