Why should those at the top of our charity organisations get such huge salaries? Image

Above: Tom Arnold, ex CEO of Concern ( pic courtesy Concern USA)


In Ireland, the executive salaries in our competing charities would make the British blush. In debates about our overseas aid budget, I have always refrained from bringing in the salaries of those heading the main Irish agencies, such as Concern, Trocaire and Goal. But members of the public show no such timidity. They express amazement that, for example, Justin Kilcullen, the head of Trocaire, was on €146,000 in 2010 and €133,000 in 2011, while former Concern CEO Tom Arnold, who retired earlier this year was on about €130,000, especially when they are dealing with “the poorest of the poor”.  Nobody expects basement wages for people doing important jobs, but it seems that in the wage-escalation of boom-time Ireland, the executive charity salaries went off the radar – and stayed there.

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