Sinn Fein need to come clean to the relatives of IRA victims


Austin Stack and (inset) his murdered father, Brian.


‘Gerry Adams can hardly be enjoying the prospect of being constantly asked about old killings and the whereabouts of the ‘Disappeared’.

Or can he? Like the IRA, modern Sinn Fein is also a multi-sided and often contradictory organisation. How else to explain the proposed commemoration for IRA bombers in Tyrone in the same week as talk of an inquiry on the Omagh bombing, another republican attack, also in Tyrone? How else to explain the genuine cross-community journey made by Martin McGuinness, with the grudging words of Adams?

For the reality is that Adams is incapable of delivering the full truth, or a full explanation (and we’re not even expecting an apology).

In 2010, for example, he said he welcomed the discovery of the body of Charlie Armstrong, who was ‘disappeared’ by the IRA in 1981 – except, Adams said that there was no evidence that the IRA had killed him and that who killed him was of “secondary importance”.’


Brian Stack and his sons in earlier years (pictured).  Prison officer Stack was shot in the back as he left a sports event in Dublin.

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