The Gardai need to be overhauled and their resources better utilised


On the RTE’s Pat Kenny radio show this morning, there was a report describing the waste of having gardai sit around the courts all day waiting to have their various driving offences dealt with. There still appears to be no system to have certain cases heard at certain courts times. Added to the adjournments and no-shows, this is another waste of public time and manpower. But it is only one example of the inefficiencies in the way our police force is run. The reality is that the management of whole force needs to be reassessed and the may fit for purpose in the modern age.


Why, for example are there hardly ever any gardai to be seen on O’Connell Street, or Dublin’s College Green, at rush hour when the traffic is all backed up and chaotic and when their very presence is required as a calming influence and a deterrent. This should be peak time for the gardai, but instead it is apparently their change of shift and they’re just not to be seen. Do you know any other European capital where this happens? But maybe the gardai are old-style in their entire approach. With all due respect, our police force is still a bottom-up, Buggin’s Turn institution in terms of management and promotion and the way it is run. There is also very little specialist recruitment or even graduate recruitment.