Public servants don’t lose their jobs, even when they’re law breaking Image

In all the recent negotiations on reforming the over-sized Irish public service, not a single public servant was actually laid off or just made redundant- as happened in other European countries. But nor have any civil servants been fired for wrongdoing, or breaking the law.  This was the case last year when it was revealed that civil servants had been snooping into the personal files of social welfare applicants and leaking the information to others (article below). It will presumably remain the case, regardless of what any inquiry into the banking crisis or other events might reveal in the future.


And yet what is most amazing is how little outcry there has been about this, or comment from our otherwise vocal politicians, whose ambition is to actually be responsible for public servants. But then they are so immersed in the culture of the public service, and its indulgences and leniency, that they presumably don’t see anything to get too alarmed about.

But you can be damn sure that if it was journalists doing this snooping, or bank officials leaking sensitive personal info, there would be an outcry and robust calls for enquiries and dismissals. Meanwhile, in a separate case, gardai are investigating allegations that a rogue department official leaked confidential information to a private investigator working for insurance companies.