Today is World Population Day, and still the world refuses to face the consequences of our soaring birth rate. The fact that so much of this population increase is concentrated in deprived Africa, and contributes to this deprivation, only adds to the bitter irony. I wrote this 3 years ago and the same issues apply, as does the same refusal to address them.


The bigger issue is the effect of such international aid given the huge population increases in these African areas. Can we be surprised, for example, that Ethiopia is suffering from famine when its population is expected to go from its present 78 million to an amazing 170 million by 2050, or even sooner.

This is an astounding rise, given the apparently miserable condition of the country — although there is no doubt that others are wielding mobile phones, as Bob Geldof so triumphantly puts it. And it is the same with other African countries, notably the Congo, which is undergoing a similar massive increase in population.

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