Why Ireland won’t let Edward Snowden in, and why they won’t make a fuss about US spying on EU offices

Yes we Scan

Irish Independent 3 July 2013


And this is the reality of our relationship with America, and why we won’t be letting in Snowden whom the US see as a damaging traitor. We know on what side our bread is buttered. We’ve just had US President Barack Obama here for a major love-in, and we have a close and most unusual relationship with the US.

We are not in NATO and yet US warplanes refuel at Shannon. In recent years we have seen our passports being ‘used’ by the secret services of Russia and Israel, and we didn’t create too much fuss.

So the idea that our US friends are secretly info gathering on the EU’s trade positions is not something that’s going to lose us sleep. Not when we have another US-related Gathering to think about.

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